im not lying.

I just scanned through your profile and NO I did not fully look at your profile until now at 130am in the morning that post was honestly wrote without looking at your profile. SO NO. 

"well on the brightside at least I know that I let go of everything. I saw the picture you posted yetsterday of him. Funny, he loooks like a fucking faggot (who gave a shit youre gay anyways?). well at least your happy. I’m a little smarter now, I don’t see the world I saw it before, more magical you could say. how? well I don’t see people as people anymore, there more demons then they are people. I would explain things but honestly I think I just want to say a few words. I haven’t forgetten you I hope you know that. I would say I hold true to my word, but there just words, and honestly I don’t ever see me with you again, only cause you didn’t work towards me and I don’t want to work towards you, again. I quit my job, Made favorible amounts of money. I just think that soicety is like a volcano, you are born in it and you rise in it, only the rich can get a taste of the air and boil at the top, we are all at the bottom persay, and well we don’t mind it since we are so caught up in making the “heat”. I myself wanna get away from it all. you remember how you said it wouldn’t matter if we were rich or poor? well in religous context youre better off poor. its true. but I don’t wanna discuss that, you’ll just look at me like im stupid. and honestly I think you ARE stupid, only cause I bet you didn’t know that the world had ten dimension “physically” and “mentally” there are probobly more. sounds crazy? nah, qauntum physics “baby”, take a look at it. its kinda mind boblying if you think about it. I bet I sound crazy, but I think you are crazy. you can’t live a life as a “soft” human, you get caught up in money, hate, sickness, famine, and worst yet demons. if we ever cross roads again do me a favor, leave me alone. I don’t wanna remember anything about this and I don’t wanna remember anything in the past. its how I am and its how I live. Ive done it with all my exes and im doing the same with you. not that I hate you, I just don’t like the thought of you, you cause me a pain that feels like “nothing”, its not “nothing” i just don’t know what to feel for you. Or anyone for that matter. Im not sad, im happy. I even told my own mother this.
“Mom im sad but I am happy, Im happy to be alive, but im sad cause im not in heaven”
. Earth isn’t the place we should want to be in, and it certainly isn’t the place we want to end up back in. Im just doing this because I can’t get anything out of my head I can’t stop thinking. One day Im gunna find a way to stop thinking, not because I am depressed or anything but because I know enough not to want to know anymore, my words I want them to die inside me so that when I die, I can still live on. sounds crazy, but this isn’t even close to a “note for death” I can’t spell the synonym for it, I could just use spell check on how to spell suicidal note but I think I would rather just sound it out.
It was nice talking to you for one last time. Im not sorry for anything I did, and I am not asking to be forgiven, better said like this “I learned a lot and what I learned is that the beast inside knows best we all have the mark, we just have to learn to live with the beast inside to get to control the beast inside.”
"But! I still found you BITCH! I told you I loved you."
"CAme all this way.. to find you finally gone.."

Most Likely To Be…


Everything said, now done.

Everything heard, finally said.

Finally, I can be put to rest. 

Ill sleep and sleep till I can think 

Then ill wake up. 

Start Over again. 

"I just don’t get it. Why won’t you people leave."
"Well now that I let it all out I feel ready for some progress. Onward to finding what it means to be useful"
"I fucking hate you all <.>"
"Fuck that was disgusting. Golley I hope I don’t puke again. Fuck!"
"To: The indirect person following
From: King Boo
Dear indirect follower,
I hope you fucking leave my life, NOW,
No Time wasted,
I don’t want you following me anymore, because most of my posts are about you, and every time I have to deal with you being around. I don’t want you around anymore, I don’t need you around anymore, and I hope we never meet again. I don’t care if I have to deal with cyber bullying, I think most people are prone to putting themselves in painfull shitutiations (yes “shitutions”) cause youre a shitty person, talking shitty things. I hope your fat friend dies from a heart attack, and everything else around you dies. i’ll pray for your well being ONCE, but other then that, you won’t hear me speak your name again. I really hope you fucking leave, I really do, cause sam
(which is not really intented to be interpeted in any other way but an insult, cause you are eggs and ham, that are nothing but green in the inside)
I’ll be in hell, I didn’t think I really was gunna make it into heaven anyways. BORN A SINNER, dying a sinner.
“Dear heavenly father I come to you today because I want you to protect someone, I know that I have cursed there name in vain. and lord I know that I have said harsh words in there name. I hope that their life goes and continues to be happy, full of wealth, and nothing but your protection. I cannot say I want these wishes in my head, nor in my heart, but I know that in your heart you wouldn’t want me to say rude things. im sorry that I said these things, but I am not sorry for saying them indirectly to her. Lord I know my punishment will be great I do not see any goodness in my future for a while, but I am sure you already know why I did all of this.
in the name of the lord Jesus Christ,
I hope you leave today
Christian G."
"TO: All my tumblr followers
From:King Boo
Dear Tumblr followers,
Please Do not Follow me, I have choose to make my blog a venting blog. For the most part I can’t read anything you post nor will I want to read anything you guys post. NO This is not me pointing indirectly to one person this goes out to EVERYONE. I hate every single one of you useless people, (indirectly), I hope you fucking know that. as for everyone else, I fucking hate you for reading my shit. I already told you to leave me the fuck alone, SO do so and leave me the fuck alone. I hate it, I hate the thought of your worthless eyes looking at my posts. you wanna make it worth it? don’t sit there and talk shit, you wanna talk the shit? SPEAK UP, cause im sick of this bullshit. as for you shit talkers, well whatever you guys are assholes anyways, didn’t wanna put up with your dirty, worthless, dishonest, bullshit, ass self. GO HOME, or STAY HOME, don’t wanna put up with your shit.
Hope you people have a good day
IN very Hating words
King Boo ]}
Don’t Forget to hit the Unfollow button, and remember LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT, cause if I hit you i’d have a worthless case on my hands."
"its snowing. I fucking hate it."
"I can see right through you, but can you see right through me?"
"no one loves to be in pain
but no one hates to be happy."